Astrid Medina (Tolima, Colombia)

Astrid Medina (Tolima, Colombia)

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Astrid Medina

Caturra, Colombia

1816 MASL


We hear:
Lemonade, Oolong, Salted Caramel, One Fine Day

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Collaborative Coffee Source

There's no part of coffee that's easy except enjoying it. Astrid Medina knows this all too well, and no one is more disappointed when her coffee doesn't shine like it ought to. Unpredictable weather patterns make it difficult to evenly and slowly dry her coffee, and changes to her fermentation tanks have totally changed her perceptions about just how crucial it is to get that step right, but that doesn't stop Astrid from doing what she loves and working that much harder to make her coffee as good as she knows it can be. She's just one of our favorite people period, and we love buying her coffee. This is Astrid's second lot, which we selected for its lively acidity and deep sweetness.

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